Everyone will ENVY Your Valentine

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Want your cake and eat it too? There’s nothing wrong with being fickle. Particularly when it makes you more efficient and fabulous. Black+white (grey). Jet+boat (floatplane). So in case your Valentine tends to be fickle… we are giving away a brand new HP Envy x2 Tablet/Computer. You know – the one that has the removable screen that makes it a tablet but also attaches to the keyboard for those of you who need a laptop? Everyone will ENVY Your Valentine.

We tested one and were shocked at the ease of setup. Unlike my current laptop and tablet – there are 2 USB ports, an 8MP camera and even an HDMI slot.

Ultra- thin and super- light (3.11 lbs) with a sleek aluminum finish, the HP ENVY x2 is designed to go wherever you go. Some occasions call for the power of a notebook and others, the freedom of a tablet. With a ground-breaking design, the HP ENVY x2 gives you both. Easily switch from notebook to tablet and back again; the tablet magnetically slides off and on, latching securely into place.

Key features: HP Envy Tablet Laptop– Optimized for Windows® 8 operating system
– Vivid colour, on an 11.6- inch diagonal HD touch display
– 1080P HD webcam with digital integrated microphone for face-to-face conversations, plus an 8.0 MP camera for shooting crystal- clear photos and video
– Built for mobility with exceptional 14- hour battery life to work, surf and play all day
– HP Connected Photo allows you to sync photos across your PC, smartphone, and tablet. Crop, rotate, add captions, and more, then share with your social network
– Email, calendar, and social networks update automatically with Microsoft Windows® Connected Standby
– Equipped with Beats Audio™ and dual speakers for the best- sounding, richest audio available


So here’s the deal. We’re looking for ideas for some of the UrbanDaddies out there. To get the biggest chance of winning, record a very short video telling us the PERFECT gift for Valentine’s Day. You can also enter through the rafflecopter form below. The winner will be announced February 12th. You should have your new HP Envy in hand by Feb. 14th. But you might want to keep it for yourself if you are more fickle than your partner. It’s good to have a bit of Envy..

a Rafflecopter giveawayHP Envy x2

Email videos or links to the Youtube account to: contests@urbanmommies.com or place the link in the comment section below.

Open to Canadian and US Residents who are the age of majority only. Valid entries only. Contest ends February 12, 2013.For complete Rules and Regulations please click here.

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6 Comments on "Everyone will ENVY Your Valentine"

  1. Tasha W February 3, 2013 at 8:08 am ·

    I’m a pretty simple woman. What really matters most to me on Valentine’s Day isn’t how much cash my boyfriend spends but how much quality time I spend with my him. The best Valentine’s gift I could receive is a homemade dinner and an evening in. Great food, wine, flowers. Something simple, yet sweet that doesn’t cost a fortune.

    We love going out for dinner, but restaurants are always packed for Valentine’s. I prefer to stay in for a low-key evening, avoid the crowds, and enjoy relaxing together. With creativity and a little bit of time, magical times can happen with simplicity. :)

  2. Kayla Dickson February 5, 2013 at 7:46 pm ·

    I will be emailing you my video tomorrow :) , but I also wanted to write my idea down here so that there’s no way that you will miss my entry! Best gift for Valentines day in my opinion, here it goes . I’m not what you would call a simple woman, a rose and a note with chocolates is sweet, but it’s not something that will catch my heart. I like it when the man puts some thought into his gift, something out of the original really catches my eyes. Even though I’m not a simple woman, I’m a saving money woman, as me and my boyfriend are having our first baby and I’m trying to keep him on a budget so him going out and buying a ring or renting a boat and crazy stuff like that is NOT okay right now lol. So I have come up with the perfect gift that any woman will LOVE as well as you can add your own little touches too to make it individual and special. Along the way I will explain the basics you need and where you can get them but all you really need to start is your Living room (don’t worry she will most likely be dragging you to the bedroom later that day there’s plenty of time to wait until then so don’t freak out cause I’m telling you to start in the living room) a reclining chair, one of those pool chairs that us girls use for tanning is perfect, make sure its got a soft cushion on it though (if you don’t have one laying around your house and you buy one cause you don’t have the funds get creative), some towels, washcloths, and some large bowls. Next you’re going to need to go to the Dollar Store, yes that’s right I said Dollar Store, why you may ask? Because you’re going to treat your woman to an at home spa! Perfect way of saying I love you, is slaving for her to feel good, now well you’re there time to get creative :) , depending on how spoiled you feel like making her there’s plenty of different things you can do, but I’ll give you the instructions for the basics if you want to do more look it up online! Here’s what you will need, In the section where you find bath and shower stuff you will find Eurospa Facial Masks I got these from the Dollar Store and I love them I personally got the anti-stress Heat Therapy and the Ultra Hydrating Shea Butter I mix these two together for the perfect face (p.s one is oatmeal the other is olive oil hopefully she doesn’t have any allergies) but there are plenty more you can chose too these ones are just my favorite. Next you will need to grab some Vaseline, HOLD UP THOUGH don’t just get that normal Vaseline that moms put on their babies bums, nope you’re going to grab the Vaseline dry skin conditioning body lotion with Vitamins E & A, why you may ask? Well I’m glad you did, you will need this because you’re going to need to moisten up those hands and certain parts on your woman’s body where you will be giving her messages! Now the basic spots are the back, legs, feet, and neck , but again it’s valentines so get creative, and don’t be worried because Vaseline can be rubbed anywhere ;). Next thing you are going to need is candles, make sure you are smelling these candles cause you want them to be perfect try to find out what scents your girl likes, I personally got the Ashland Mango Tangerine candle from the dollar store and I love it! But each girl is different and your girl is special so make sure she knows it! Now those are the basic things you will need to get, but look around maybe you want to get stuff to give her a manicure or a pedicure, or you want to give her a great hair spa treatment, or whatever else you feel like you want to do. But next if I where you I would walk my butt over to the chocolate section, cause yes every girl wants to be treated different but why not add some sweets into your spa right? Get out a bowl and dump some candy in there for he to snack on, make it look sweet and professional she will love it. And also if you feel like tying in all the classic Valentine traditions into your special Valentines gift, grab some Roses (her favorite color might be a good idea, or every girl loves white roses, and red is for love) and put them in a Vase with a card specially written for her from you. Next head her home and look through that music list , cause it’s time to be Mr. Dj , try to find music that she likes, but that is calm and soothing, after all it’s a spa right? So no Party Rockin, or anything fast and loud… Slow and Sweet men Slow and Sweet, think of soothing music she can close her eyes and dream to well you give her that message. Oh and remember those large bowls I mentioned in the beginning? Great glad you remember, cause as it gets closer to time for her to come, you’re going to heat up some water and poor it in that bowl, make sure its Hot but not too Hot, cause those will be fore her feet .. So make sure you are putting your hand in all the way to the bottom and seeing if you can stand keeping your hand in there (remember she is sugar she might melt!).
    Next step watch some spa video’s or some Message tips on youtube :) ,
    It’s always good to go in prepared, and even if you can give an awesome message already ,(Props to you!) but it never hurts to learn some new tricks especially for your lovely lady show her some new moves make her think you got lots of tricks up your sleeve she doesn’t know about yet ;) .
    And now my friend the rest is up to you, like I said get creative :) , if you want to get more romantic and add a sweet dinner to the end , whether it be home made or going out. Or if you want to order pizza, or cook a pizza, and watch a movie romantic or comedy, you know your woman best right?
    You could even get her that ring or that teddy bear.
    But trust me, the spa idea will not only leave your woman feeling relaxed, energized and beautiful, she will feel special and trust me … she will want to repay you for all your hard thoughtful work!
    Best Of Luck!
    Kayla Dickson.

  3. Kayla Dickson February 5, 2013 at 7:52 pm ·

    P.s If I can’t get the video sent in I’m sorry ! My computer is being pain in the butt.. But I’m trying real hard! I think it will be a lot easier if I can show all the products as well as talk about them :) .. and that way I can give more tips as well! Fingers crossed I can get my video uploaded but I apologize if I can’t and I hope my written entry will be good enough to catch your eye :)

  4. Dani G February 8, 2013 at 12:51 am ·

    I just want CHOCOLATE!!!

  5. Colleen February 11, 2013 at 2:40 pm ·

    My video can be found here: http://youtu.be/Rx-6mafvozI

  6. Courtney February 12, 2013 at 9:46 am ·

    Just in case my email doesn’t go through (Spam) here’s my video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuhEFeE5y1w

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