Baby Sleep Tracker

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Ask any parent about the most difficult part of having a baby and we are willing to bet that SLEEP will be among the top three.  Our handy sleep tracker chart can at least help you to figure out when sleep is happening, and if there are any trends towards lengthier slumber!  We have a ton of articles on sleep as well if you need some guidance.  Baby Sleep Tracker

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  1. Tanya January 30, 2012 at 2:27 pm ·

    I used a very similar chart with both my girls when they were babies and it really helped me. I colour coded the chart and used it to track when they were eating and when they were alert/playful too. It helped me determine a schedule based on their individual patterns. Possibly sounds a bit crazy to some moms, but I was coming out of a job as a project manager so it made sense to me and actually helped me to feel like I knew what I was doing since I didn’t have a lot of baby experience :)

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