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The Best and Coolest Kid CDs

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Kids love music, just like we do. Childhood is when we begin forming our musical sensibilities and preferences, and it’s also when we learn like sponges. So, choose your Kid CDs wisely: select music that is smart and fun, and try something different every now and then, since variety is the spice of life! After all, how many times and ways can “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” be done? Here are some of the best, funnest, most popular and smartest Kid CDs out there.


Best Gadgets for Mom

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I love gadgets, but I admit that they’re intimidating sometimes. The purpose of a great gadget is to be easy to use and to make your life simpler and more streamlined. Modern mums have to be tech-friendly to a certain degree, especially hip mums like us, right? Besides the essentials (smartphone or PDA, iPod/MP3 player, laptop or tablet computer), check out these mom-centric gadgets that will make your life a lot easier…plus they’re a lot of fun!


Cell Phones in the Car

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Driving while talking or texting on a cell phone is now illegal in many Canadian provinces.  If you a) haven’t figured out your Bluetooth (or never remember to charge the batteries), or b) can’t seem to get off the phone in the car, we’ll give you a few options.  Urbanmommies spoke with Corporal Dale Somerville of the RCMP, who verified a few points for us as stated in section 214.1 of the Motor Vehicle Act.   Holding and talking on a mobile device while driving will now cost you $167.  Texting or emailing while holding a mobile device will cost you $167, plus 2 points off of your license.  Hands-free devices are allowed provided you only touch one button on the earpiece in order to answer or dial.  Ouch.  For busy moms who are used to returning calls in the car… what do you do?

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