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Never Scrounge for Magazines Again

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Next Issue CanadaI remember as a student having an ‘understanding’ with the local magazine shop. Once the issues were out of date, the shop would send back the covers of unsold inventory for reimbursement and put the full issues minus the cover in the trash.  You could say that as a student I was frugal, but I managed to find many wonderful articles in these ‘found’ magazines. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure, right?

Well times have changed (thank goodness). Mobile and internet savvy folks can now get access to over 100 of the best magazines (and back issues!) with Next Issue Canada, a subsidiary of Rogers Publishing. For as low as $9.99 per month, you can receive unlimited access to over 100 of the world’s best magazines, including back issues. If you’re a magazine junkie, this is a huge savings, and we’d love your help spreading the word!  

I just signed up for a FREE 30 day trial of Next Issue Canada to be used on my tablet and guess what I found?  Sign Up for the Trial!

Today's ParentTodays Parent: The goods on thumb sucking – will it really affect you child’s teeth if you don’t set an end date?

CondeNast TravelerConde Nast Traveler: In case you’re planning a road trip around the Florida Keys, you’ll want to check out more than the key lime pie – especially in Key West.

Real SimpleReal Simple: If you have pets, or crayon-wielding toddlers, you’ll love this article on how to clean your upholstery.

InStyleInStyle: Instant style when trying to get fit. No more excuses to dodge the gym.

Town & CountryTown & Country:  Who knew this iconic luxury magazine does a round-up of their top 50 bachelors? Not that we’re looking, but..

You can follow NextIssue on Pinterest, like NextIssueCanada on Facebook and follow @NextIssueCanada on Twitter. That’s free too.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored article from Next Issue Canada. All opinions are our own.

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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How to Take the Stress out of Holiday Shopping with

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airmilesshopsAhh.  The bustling crowds at the mall.  Are you getting excited? Think of it: in every city across Canada, hours have been extended and decorations hung in anticipation of the RUSH.  You know the one I mean: the parking lot scramble, forgetting where you put your car and carrying 15 heavy bags and ending up in tears (maybe that’s just me), lining up for the must-have toy of the season because you know it’ll make your little one cry tears of joy.

I have made a vow this year to do a lot of my shopping online.  Do I trust online shopping?  Absolutely.  Even credit card companies protect us these days.  Must I worry about store closing times, a perfectly coiffed friend seeing me in sweats or getting lost in a mall?  No.

As I write I’m distracted by the thought of a roaring fire and glass of eggnog. The dog is snuggled at my feet and I’m watching Casablanca in the background as I browse online for holiday gifts.  For others, of course.  Bliss.

Though I have been an AIR MILES Collector for 20 years, I didn’t discover until this year.  Shocked, all of the stores I was planning to visit both North and South of the border are actually online – and I will earn reward miles for my shopping. As a bonus, many of the stores on have offers to earn 2x, 3x even 10x the reward miles on your purchases. In fact, right now for Black Friday you can earn 10x the reward miles on your purchases with until December 4th.

All stores on ship to or within Canada and many offer a special Canadian checkout section where purchases are priced in Canadian dollars. Wow!  I get so frustrated when I go through the process on a website only to discover that the store ships only to the US.  Nobody should put baby in a corner.

Want to know the stores?  Let’s start with Anthropologie, shall we?  And then the Apple Store Canada.  Followed by a few of my favourites for each family member:

Other Son: TOMS Canada
Mother: Hudson’s Bay Company
Me: Sephora
Husband: Bose Canada
Me from Husband: Victoria’s Secret or FTD
Dog: PetSmart
Father-in-Law: Snapfish
Cool Kid down the block: Roots
Girlfriends like me: Bloomingdales, Ann Taylor and Neiman Marcus.

My ‘work’ is done.

So as packages come in (or are wrapped and shipped directly to the recipient saving me a trip to the post office), you may hear a little squeal from me.  And each order I make is adding to my growing bank of AIR MILES reward miles and reducing my holiday to-do list.  With this lack of stress combined with my extra AIR MILES reward miles, I might just have to hop a plane to Hawaii for New Year’s.

<Only Half Joking>.

In terms of shipping, the individual stores do that. Visit to start your own holiday shopping!

This post was sponsored by  Our opinions are our own.

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Amber MacArthur’s Top 5 Holiday Apps for Moms

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Remember those folks who said computers wouldn’t last and cell phones were a passing fad? Snicker. Not only were the naysayers incorrect, but our tech is now so mainstream and we have so many apps for our smartphones that we need experts to tell us about the true gems. In a special interview with Amber MacArthur, co-host of APP CENTRAL, she revealed her top 5 Holiday Apps for Moms as she gears up to celebrate a spectacular milestone: APP CENTRAL’s 100th episode on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 9:30 p.m. ET on BNN and on CTV, Saturday, Nov. 23 at 5:30 p.m. ET/PT.  100 episodes!  No wonder we need more storage in our phones.  I was ‘appy’ as a clam as we spoke.  (OK I had to say it).

Amber MacArthur’s Top 5 Holiday Apps for Moms

1. Santa’s Magic phonecall iOS – free Call Santa on demand

2. Appy Holidays – allows you to get you xmas lights on your tree to dance to xmas carols. Plug the Appy Holidays Box (Available at Canadian Tire, $59.99) into any tree and turn it into a musical light show! Download the app to your smartphone or use the remote (included) to control your tree’s tunes & make lights dance

3. Martha Stewart Makes Cookies – Holiday Baking app  iOS – $1.99  A mouthwatering assortment of Martha’s favorite cookies is now available at your
fingertips! Learn from the best with this indispensable baking resource, which combines cutting-edge technology with beautiful design and a generous sprinkling of good, old-fashioned fun. With 6 recipe bundles, instructional videos, baking tips, packaging

4. Go Gift – lets you manage your gift list. iOS – $0.99
Thanks to quick reminders and gift status notifications, this is the best holiday app to manage your gift list. You can add photos of people on your list and gift pics to match.

5. Mixologist Drink Recipe App – holiday drinks and low cal drinks.  iOS/Android – $0.99/$1.49
Browse and search through nearly 8,000 drink recipes and over 1,000 ingredients, including holiday and low-cal drinks.

So get downloading to make your life easier, and don’t forget to tune in to the 100th episode of APP CENTRAL as Amber speaks with James Milward, Founder and Executive Producer of Secret Location (’s INTERFERENCE). Milward discusses his new app, Tug of War on Drugs, which reveals the realities of the war on drugs in support of Matthew Cooke’s documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs. Plus, the APP CENTRAL team tests the latest in waterproof smartphones and phablets.


Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Beware the Minecraft Mod

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Swimming around in the Westin Calgary pool, we were both happy as clams.  My son loves Minecraft (especially computer version) and asked if he could get a new MOD (translated to ‘modification of the original – I think).  Personally knowing the student who had told him about add-ons to Minecraft, I was skeptical but decided to be open-minded.  Daddy and I would research the MOD to see if it was appropriate.

Pushing me, my son explained that you could get a girlfriend and make ‘it’ do things.  Red flag #2.  He insisted his friend said there was a Youtube video that would explain it.  And he wanted me to watch it NOW.

I looked and there were no age restrictions, so we watched it together.

For ten minutes.

And my heart sank deeper and deeper and I knew that we’d entered tech hell, a place that I may have to go back to school to understand because I can’t be a great parent without a full understanding of that world.

In the video (that was like a gender-biased, sexist train wreck I couldn’t stop watching), I learned that ‘mail-order girlfriends’ emerge from a box shipped to the miner.  They do your bidding and their weapons are shoes tossed at the creepers.  If you like, you can give them a sword but must take it back promptly.  They are tamed with a rose and will do what you tell them once they are in love with you. You can dress them in 16 different outfits and if you draw them to water.. wait for it… they will change into a bikini! (Of which there are many styles as well).  Building a dance floor of 5×5 bricks will compel them to dance for you to ensure your happiness.  And finally, to break up with these creatures you just have to give them a dead bush. Hopefully the symbolism isn’t evident to my son.

I was silent.  I asked my son how he would feel if it was me who got out of the box.  He said he wouldn’t like it, but if you marry them with a diamond you can get a baby from inventory and even eat dinner together.  At a table in a restaurant.

I explained that he had not done anything wrong, but that this particular MOD divided genders and included harmful thoughts about women.  He still begged to get it and promised he’d never treat a girl like that in real life.

So I guess he realizes some of the negatives.  But the weaponry, clothing changes and newness is still too enticing.  And now I’m petrified.

This video has over 6 million views.  Developers such as TheDiamondMinecart make or simply video and explain the workings of these MODS. They are certainly not screened for content.  Parents who may think their child is playing ‘Minecraft’ has no idea about the can of worms introduced by coders who want to extend the range of the game.

So much for work.  I’ll be looking over his shoulder from now on.  And before he can download ANY SIM?  He has to learn how to code and build the damn thing himself if he’s still interested.  (Hopefully it will take a few years).  There was a great article on Babble about teaching kids coding.  Spanish can wait.  Coding and the reinforcement of gender equality are next on the list.  And just because you trust what you read about Minecraft and it’s developers, be careful not to consider all-things-Minecraft as kid-appropriate.

In the meantime? Any advice on how to deal with the family of the 7-year old who hyped the Girlfriend Mod would be much appreciated.

by Jill Amery

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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UrbanMommies is on Bloglovin!

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin

If you like to follow blogs on Bloglovin, we’re there too!

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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6 iPad Recipe Apps and Accessories for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving iPad AppsWe know you’ve done it: spilled flour/milk/grape jelly on your iPad while trying to follow a recipe.  This Thanksgiving, spend more time on the table decor and less on futzing around with recipe books by getting technical.  There are a few things you’ll need, but we guarantee you’ll become hooked.  Not only will you want to spend all your time trying new things in the kitchen, but your prowess will win over the hearts and health of the family.  We’ve got 6 iPad recipe apps and accessories that will make your Thanksgiving dinner easy-peasy. Ready?

1.  An iPad.  Not that you don’t have one already.  But if you don’t (or have a hankering for the latest)… the fourth generation iPad has a gorgeous 9.7-inch Retina display perfect for viewing digital recipes and cookbooks as well as video tutorials. And with it’s advanced dual-band Wi-Fi you can download and stream content at remarkable speeds.  Not that you’re watching Real Housewives while you cook or anything.

2.  This is the best ever for those of you who cover your screen with ingredients. Protect your iPad with Chef Sleeve’s Disposable Sleeves. 

3.  Get Appy.  Apps, not appetizers.  These are some favourites:

a) Shopping List Free Universal (Free)  Sort your items into store departments and organize your shipping trip!

b) GrocerySmart Universal (Free)  Sync and share lists across multiple users and devices.

c) MealGuru iPad ($3.99) MealGuru transforms your iPad into a mobile meal planning solution capable of whipping up deliciously healthy dinner ideas for every day of the week.

d) MealBoard Universal ($2.99) MealBoard combines recipe management, meal planning, groceries and pantry management into a single app. 

e) Evernote Food Universal (Free) Discover and save delicious recipes and amazing restaurants, add photos, notes and location to remember your food and experiences and share with your friends via email. Twitter and Facebook.

f)  Big Oven Universal (Free) The most complete cooking tool for getting inspired and organized in the kitchen and on-the-go. Take 250,000+ recipes wherever you go.

4.  Be a stand up chef.  Williams-Sonoma Smart Tools Kitchen Stand for Tablets is a must have.  And while you’re at it you may as well order some new Vitamix accessories, a new chef’s knife, Thanksgiving decor…..

5.  No counter space?  Attach your iPad directly onto the fridge with the minimalist-inspired Belkin fridge mount.  Space-age.

6.  Want to write down recipe modifications or create your own?  Geek out with the Cube – Bluetooth Laser Projected Keyboard.  (PS. It’s on sale).

We’ll also be publishing lots of hearty Thanksgiving recipes, so feel free to bookmark our recipe section on your iPad too.


Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Quack!! Disney Interactive Brings DuckTales to Mobile

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Disney Interactive ScroogeIt’s our new favourite thing now that the tech timeout has finished….. Who doesn’t love Disney Interactive?  Engaging and interactive entertainment mixed with our favourite characters that are portable on mobile.  So fun.  And now Disney Interactive is bringing DuckTales to your phone in the new free-to-play game “DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot”.  Players join Uncle Scrooge and Launchpad to retrieve Scrooge McDuck’s fortune from the villainous Beagle Boys.  You can play in two different modes –multiplayer battle mode where players can team up with Facebook or find new allies and the single player campaign where they go on adventures.

Our readers can start playing “DuckTales: Scrooge’s Loot” for iOS devices at and Android

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Online Privacy and Security for your Family

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AVG TechnologiesPrivacy is only a concept, and we all have different definitions of what our privacy means. The NSA has been proven to have one, which many citizens feel violates their rights. Facebook has an incredibly complex end-user agreement that changes faster than most people get their hair cut. Online privacy and security for your family have become one of the biggest concerns for our generation. Gary Kovacs, CEO of AVG Technologies points out that in the next 5 years another 2.5 billion people will connect to the internet, doubling the number of people online. As parents, we snap photos and instagram special times so that family members thousands of miles away can be closer to the moment. We tweet our thoughts, post photos to online albums and we’re excited to buy our mother-in law a computer so she can skype with the kids from afar.

gary kovacsBut we have reached a turning point. We are now realizing that the content we put forth on the internet is not secure. We must think of the future reputation of our children as we post funny baby pictures. And even scarier? Bad people can cross reference information and find out exact locations and schedules of our kids.

I’m a trusting person. I recently attended a launch event for AVG, a company that provides (free) internet security for people across all platforms. I’m all for banking security and things, but as a parent I’ve been posting photos and names of my kids without worry. Really, what could happen? I spent a full day learning and had extensive opportunities to interview the executive team. The experience has changed my approach to online security.  15 million people currently run the free AVG ‘Do Not Track‘ program so they control who knows they are going on certain websites.

PrivacyFixDid you know that hackers can put code onto your computer so that the ‘google-type’ ads you see on the sidebar are not run through Google at all? If you buy the product in the ad the hackers make money…. Did you know that when you plug your cellphone into a public charger, information from your phone may be collected and sold?… That In mobile, credit card hacking is much easier? The mobile app silently sends your credit card number and you will likely not notice a $3 charge on your bill next month.. That even though you might not use your children’s names on the internet, that a file with your last name and image of your son’s photo can be cross-referenced with his newspaper birth announcement?  Bingo: the hacker now has a full name, image and (if data attached to the photo are present), a location.  And you thought Hallowe’en horror movies were scary.

If you work off a PC, AVG offers an incredible new internet security program for 2014 that highlights protection, privacy and performance.  I’m excited not only by the spy-like encryption and privacy, but the ability for the performance aspects to save my battery life so I’m not always seeking out a charger!  The most secure option, it costs just under $60 and boasts a ton of features.  There is also a free version if you are not dealing with sensitive information on your PC.

Highlights of AVG 2014:
– Anti-virus and anti-malware protection
–  Anti-spam
– Online shield, which screens incoming links and files to make sure they are secure
– File Shredder, which permanently deletes sensitive information (it overwrites the files you want deleted)
– Data safe, which encrypts and stores your files for extra security.  You can create ‘safes’ of sensitive information.  Like when you don’t want your kids to see your tax documents.
– AVG Do Not Track, AVG Identity Protection, Anti-Spyware, and AVG WiFi Guard prevent spying and data theft
– Enhanced Firewall protects banking and credit card information
– AVG Turbo Scan, Game Mode, and AVG Smart Scanner enhance performance
– AVG Accelerator gives you faster video streaming.  Yes please!!

For mobile (iOS, Windows and Android) AVG offers some of the following apps for each platform: image shrinker (smaller photos), tuneup, privacyfix, cleaner (clean up cached memory), uninstaller (removes little-used apps), family safety (protects kids from unsafe websites) and safe browser (avoids malicious sites).  SIM Lock and Camera trap were added this year.  If someone steals your phone it takes a photo of their face and sends it to authorities.  Gotcha.

Here are the other tips I learned for keeping your family safe online:

mobile apps1. Passwords should be a series of random words like ‘LakeCheeseSkirt’ to prevent people guessing. If you have to add a year, don’t make it your birthday, and for goodness sake, as an employer who has waded through piles of resumes, PLEASE don’t make your email address.

2. Software like PrivacyFix should be running on all of your devices. It allows you to monitor all of the end user agreements for Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google + and programs that have access to your accounts so that you can control your own privacy to the degree that you feel comfortable. You can remove Facebook ‘friends’ from seeing all of your updates and regain control of your online profile.  It’s interesting when you set it up that you are given your personal ‘worth’ as a dollar amount to each program.  It starts to hit home that our information and the way we engage online has value to many players.

3. Turn off location settings when sharing photos, and also do not name the photos with your children’s names. Google will cross-reference names and locations and even if you name a photo Dave.jpg and your account is under your own last name, it will put the two together and your child can be recognized. 20% of kids now have an online profile before they are even born. I spoke to a colleague today and she warned that this can cause classism and repercussions for the rest of their lives. Before they are born. OMG.

4. Always register domain names for your kids so nobody else can take them. This is step 1 of reputation management. GoDaddy allows you to register and when they are older they will want to own it. It’s like a resume. You won’t want 4 axe murderers with the same name to appear in search results above your kids when they are interviewing for jobs. Employers will always Google and the ownership of their online reputation is a professional must. $10 per year is a drop in the bucket for reputation management (think of it as an RESP). You can set up a free wordpress site for them, but just owning the domain is enough.

5. While you are at it, register their names on twitter (and yours) and set up a google alert for all of your names. You will then know if any of you are ever mentioned on the web. (This works for exes and celebrities too. Just saying.)

6. Don’t allow your kids access to your work email account. They may send something by mistake or seek revenge during an angry episode, which could hinder your reputation with colleagues.

our connected world7. Never allow the kids to have the password to download apps on their devices. Many apps are free, but the in-app purchases than many kids don’t understand they are buying will set mom and dad up with a massive bill.

8. Make a rule in the house such as a ‘tech basket’ so during certain times like dinner or after school, the tablets and phones are put in one location for the entire family and personal interaction is necessitated.

9. Know passwords for your kids’ devices and keep them by your own bed at night. Check them often. One friend who hosted an exchange student disabled the internet at night so the student could not skype or go online.

10. Be very aware of end-user agreements. Some games meant for 6 year olds request access to location and other data and this is not necessary in the least. They are possibly preparing to sell the data such as location information although the actual game doesn’t need location information to run. Don’t let your kids play these seemingly innocuous games. Clicking ‘Accept’ at each step isn’t necessarily a great thing.

11. Change all passwords regularly.

12. Dump everything on your computer to an external hard drive. Photos, music, documents and emails. Trust us. You don’t want to lose any of your memories or records.

We interviewed AVG Technologies executives Yuval Ben-Itzhak, Chief Technology Officer and Tony Anscombe, Senior Security Evangelist about keeping our families and children safe online.

The important thing to remember about internet security, safety and privacy is that you should have the control to set different programs and applications at different levels. If it is overly complex, that is a bad sign. From what I learned, AVG provides a ton of value free of charge with extra options for people who require it. I am so grateful especially for PrivacyFix. I had no idea. And I’m a good mom. We all want to protect our kids no matter what and it’s pretty scary when we don’t even know they are at risk.

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Moms Check Out the iTunes Festival

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Moms Check out the iTunes FestivalAs if today hasn’t been exciting enough in the Apple world, I’m exhausted after having a Mom and kids dance party last night while we rocked out to the Arctic Monkeys at the iTunes Festival.  (Well kind of at the festival.) As a busy mom, I can only galavant across the globe so much.. (chuckle), and I haven’t been out for an adult evening in a while.  As with all of a parent’s favourite things, the ability to see concerts shouldn’t disappear once we have kids.  We love the gift that iTunes gives parents every September.  The iTunes Festival is an annual, month-long music festival and concert series which takes place over the entire month of September at The Roundhouse art centre in London, England. Currently in its seventh year, headliners include Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Elton John and Jessie J.  The lineup is incredible and every day there’s something new.

Moms iTunes FestivalWatching on my HDTV via my Apple TV made me feel like I was in London as the concert streamed live.  And free. Every day there’s a new lineup. (Don’t miss Canada’s Bahamas on September 16th..)

Even better? when the kids take over the Apple TV to watch kids stuff (or if certain acts are more adult-oriented), I can stream the music on the iPod or iPhone, Mac or PC using the Festival App.  If you are a tad swamped in September with back to school chaos (moi?), the content is also available for purchase and download on iTunes.

So put on your skinny jeans and lace, Mom.  We’re hitting the concert circuit!

The iTunes Festival website ( will have all the latest news and information.

There is also a dedicated iTunes Twitter feed for anyone that wants to follow the festival on Twitter:  @iTunesfestival  #iTunesFestival

Current Line-up:

September 1: Lady Gaga
September 2: Sigur Rós + Poliça
September 3: The Lumineers + Phox
September 4: Paramore + Fenech-Soler
September 5: Rizzle Kicks
September 6: Queens of The Stone Age + Palma Violets
September 7: Phoenix + Little Green Cars
September 8: Bastille + 1975
September 9: Arctic Monkeys + Drenge
September 10: Jake Bugg + Valerie June
September 11: Kings of Leon + Jimmy Eat World
September 12: Elton John + Tom Odell
September 13: Avicii
September 14: Chic featuring Nile Rodgers + Janelle Monáe
September 15: Vampire Weekend + The Olms
September 16: Jack Johnson + Bahamas
September 17: Ludovico Einaudi + Agnes Obel
September 18: Thirty Seconds To Mars + The Family Rain
September 19: Kendrick Lamar
September 20: Primal Scream + Skinny Girl Diet
September 21: HAIM + Dan Croll
September 22: Ellie Goulding
September 23: Jessie J + Lawson
September 24: Robin Thicke
September 25: Pixies + NO CEREMONY///
September 26: Tinie Tempah + Naughty Boy
September 27: Dizee Rascal
September 28: John Legend
September 29: Justin Timberlake
September 30: Katy Perry


Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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Best Back To School ipad Apps For Grade School Kids

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Back to School AppsSome back to school iPad apps for grade school kids can help children get organized and help parents save money. Breathe…. With lessons becoming more fun and interactive, kids may find them easier and more organized than the traditional modes of learning. Some of the back to school iPad Apps for grade school kids that make school a happier place are listed below. They can help parents and children eliminate that dreadfully long listed of items required to be purchased before school starts every year, saving you not only money but your time.  Feel free to add your own!

Google Drive: This is a good app for students to learn how to archive their work while also collaborating with other students on documents and spreadsheets on different school projects and notes.  They can access their work in multiple places from any computer and also learn how to use the cloud.

ShowMe: A free and dynamic creation and presentation application providing an iPad app to access the ShowMe database. It allows teachers to create lessons, provide remedial assistance and references for review by students and other teachers, allowing its use across different classes and subject areas.

iHomework: Getting organized before school begins by keeping tabs on your courses, assignments, information on teachers, and preparing your to-do list. This app consists of Questia, an online library providing you with lots of readings and references. All you have to do is sync your iPad with this app.

Kno Textbooks: A great app to make your kid’s backpack lighter with more than 200,000 books to browse through at very at reasonable prices. With one click your kids can have access to flashcards and journals and get the benefit of browsing through interactive 3D models, importing PDFs, accessing email, search engines, dropbox and videos.

Evernote: This is an amazing iPad app with a free notes service with loads of features such as text recognition.  We love it for organizing all forms of notes.

World Atlas 2013: This one puts the whole world in your kid’s hands, with geographical information including time zone, satellite, physical, and political maps with a zoom option, compass and country-related details.

Now we just need an app that makes their lunch every day.

Jill Amery

Jill Amery is a mom of 2 small boys and the Publisher of UrbanMommies, a stylish digital lifestyle magazine filled with fitness, style, health, recipes and savvy mom advice to help you through pregnancy, birth, and raising your kids.

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