I remember many shopping excursions to the United States with my mom—outlet stores filled with clothing and jewelry were thrilling, and buying unique back to school supplies made me feel like I was in a candy store. As I have aged, shopping is still a delight and yet my store preferences have evolved. As a new homeowner I would get excited about tools, and then after my kids were born I visited garden centres and kids’ gear shops more and more frequently. As a super busy Mom and business-owner, I now demand a ton from my shopping experiences. The stores must provide great value, include many items that I need, and allow me to research my purchases digitally. I have honed my passion for shopping and no longer trek south of the border to get my heart palpitating.

As a little girl, the main reason I went to Canadian Tire was to get a new bicycle, but today, this iconic Canadian chain is akin to an adventure park for me. Canadian Tire money that I used to store in a jar (didn’t all Canadians!?) is now tracked in an app, and the merchandise is thrilling: Kitchen appliances, lighting, inflatable rafts, flowers, fishing equipment, camping gear, yard toys, hunting attire, kitchen gadgets and life jackets—all can be found in this great Canadian store. It wasn’t until I read the new WOW guide, however, that I realized the extent of the fun.

Our Island Home

My family lives on a little island with only 30 houses and no cars. We carry our groceries and parcels in wheelbarrows via short barge ride, and then walk up a dirt pathway to the house. Our communal docks provide community fun all spring and summer and all of the island kids swim and do water sports until dark. Parents gather on the dock to watch the little ones play, as we deepen our sense of connection to and love for our island. A kids’ kayak for the community to use would be the perfect addition to summer fun on the island!

The Island Gang

Arriving at my Canadian Tire store, I had to force myself past the bocce sets, juicers and perennials in order to complete my mission: to surprise the boys with a new kayak and lifejacket. There wasn’t just one kayak, though – there must have been 8, as well as paddleboards and canoes. I picked a bright orange Pelican Sonic 80X and was shocked that it fit in the car with the seats down!

How to Choose a KayakThe new WOW guide made my choice much easier with additional interactive info, which I was able to access with my phone. On top of that, a super-helpful extra was a guide to choosing the right kayak for our family.

Kayak Shopping Canadian TireAfter choosing the 8 ft Pelican Sonic 80X Sit-On Kayak, I clicked directly from the guide to a video about how to choose the right lifejacket. Using the paper catalogue and my phone, I could also simply hover over the different pages with the Canadian Tire app open and unlock all of this extra content directly from my phone! If you haven’t checked out the WOW Guide yet, seriously check it out here, it’s amazing.

Canadian Tire Kayaks

As you can see, the boys (and the dog!) are over the moon with our new finds from Canadian Tire. I am counting the days until school is out so that kids, dogs, and parents can all begin our summer tradition of embracing the community and enjoying all that island life has to offer.

Dog Loves Kayak Boy

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