Find Catherine MillerBecoming a mom or dad is thrilling and scary. We all hope that we can watch our children grow and thrive without strife or hardship. There are few horrors that strike through the hearts of parents worse than the disappearance of a child. When a toddler wonders off at a busy festival, seconds become hours. Even the panic you feel in a grocery store when you lose sight of a little one is far worse than reading an exam question and realizing you must have skipped that class. But what if a child goes missing for an hour, then a day, and for 24 days more? Horror beyond words.

Catherine Miller is a 29 year-old mother based in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She is a daughter to loving parents and has more close friends and community than I can imagine. On July 15th, 2014 she telephoned for a taxi and has not been in communication with friends or family since.

Find Catie Miller

I spoke to her father, Dr. John Miller, who with his wife Terry are doing everything in their power to garner national attention to the strange disappearance. Catie did not have her own car, and absolutely no information has been uncovered about the potential of her hitchhiking. Transportation records for bus, plane and train have similarly yielded nothing. The story has been reported on CBC and people are stepping up efforts in every way to bring Catie home.

In a press conference July 28th, Dr. John Miller gave the following statement: “On the morning of 15th of July she made an appointment for the 28th of July which should have been important to her. Obviously, she failed to make that appointment. Additionally the family is beginning to believe that she did not indeed to go anywhere at the time of her disappearance. Prior to the 15th she had recently paid the power bill and had cable TV installed. On the evening of the 15th use of her phone stopped, she was no longer noted on Facebook, she did not use her Netflix account. There has been no use of her bank account.  It is as if someone threw a light switch. When her apartment was first entered a cat was found that had no water or food. All of this gives the family increased cause for concern.”

Friends and family have come out in droves to support the efforts of police in finding Catie. The ‘Find Catherine Miller’ Facebook page has over 3,375 members and even includes a downloadable / printable missing person poster of Catie Miller/McCurdy and a map where volunteers can pin the location of where posters have been placed.   Social media is being used to its fullest. The hashtag #BringCatieHome was cited as been trending (via Trendsmap) and there is now a possibility that she could be far from Nova Scotia.

I held my breath as I asked Dr. Miller about Catie’s son. Apparently he is doing ok. I can’t imagine what a small child could be told that would appease him. There are few words. Dr. Miller paused. “It is so unreal and hasn’t 100% sunk in yet.”

If Catie is not found by next Tuesday, the 12th of August, there will be a vigil at the Halifax Grand Parade at 8 pm. This will mark four weeks since she has been in contact.

Catie Miller is white, five feet eight inches tall and weighs 130 pounds with brown hair and grey eyes. Anyone with any information is asked to contact Crime Stoppers or the police at 902-490-5020.

Photo: Flickr – rogersmemorial

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