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Cirque du Soleil’s TORUK – The First Flight Giveaway

Contests By November 15, 2016 15 Comments

Who didn’t love the enchanting cinematic excellence that was James Cameron’s AVATAR? It was a movie you could see over and over and still not manage to see everything. In one sitting, you could never capture every single aspect of the rich story line, the complexities of the thought-provoking underlying themes or take in all the exquisite pieces of the feast for the eyes.

The beauty formed from the detailed tapestry of the world created by Cameron’s meticulous and fantastical cinematography had no equal and won countless awards and critical acclaim. Tugging at the heartstrings and playing heavily to the audience’s sense of wonder, AVATAR awakened the audience to possibilities they never imagined and made everyone fall in love with characters and this richly constructed alternate reality.

The magical journey to the world of Pandora, visually stunning and live, is being brought to the stage by Cirque du Soleil when it returns to Vancouver this December.  Cirque’s acrobatic and talented cast are performing the enchanting show: TORUK – The First Flight live at the Pacific Coliseum from December 14-18, 2016. 


It’s In the Bag: Walking Tacos FTW

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September brings with it an insanity not seen during any other months, and this year is no different in our house.  With two boys in school all day and then off to various extra-curricular activities at least one day a week I am handing out sandwiches in the car, or picnicking with one while waiting for the other.  While we all love a good picnic, it gets a little boring after a while, munching on the same old easy to pack foods with a child who is tired and just wants to zone out. We often sit together and lose ourselves in a Netflix show while waiting for a program or sport practice to start, nibbling dry sandwiches and crumbly cookies. Time to up my game!

dream water

Because You Deserve A Whole Year of Great Sleep #CanWin

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Whatever you have to do when you get up—tonight you deserve a great night’s sleep. And every night, honestly. Most of us barely remember sleeping well. Even those of us who don’t have someone crying or calling mama throughout, are so overwhelmed with our to-do lists, we just can’t hit R.E.M. without a struggle.

And it’s that deep sleep that helps prepare our minds and bodies for checking all the boxes on our lists.  You might be heading off to work, rushing to pack kids lunches and hustle them out the door to camp or school. Or perhaps you have a long day ahead of homeschooling, and not enough coffee in the world will ever help you? And just maybe you have one week of holiday and you want to suck every moment of enjoyment out of your day before you have to go “back to reality.”

Spa Day with HP

HP Treats Moms, with Giveaway

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Technology has always been compelling to me in that it helps save time and maximize efficiency. Now that I’m a mom, surviving without the shortcuts created through tech is inconceivable. Can you imagine not having printables to make your life easier? Playing a record on a turntable while you’re on the treadmill? Or having to handwrite a draft copy, edit it and then re-write in your finest script? I actually remember doing all of these things, and take GREAT pleasure with each new technological development!