Why UrbanMommies?  We’re hip, intelligent, and good for your business.  (But maybe not so bashful).  With a great logo, workaholic staff, original content and riveting style, we are a trusted voice heard by fashionable parents.  We’re a stylish lifestyle parenting magazine filled with modern mom advice to help with pregnancy, parenting, family meal planning, and family travel.

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The lowdown:  UrbanMommies is a digital lifestyle magazine and weekly issue for moms.  Currently in our 7th year, our philosophy is to take care of  Mom so she can then be an outstanding parent to her kids..

Companies have found us to be imperative in getting their products trusted and purchased by the hard-to-access Mom market.  We’ve been such a hit that we’ve also just launched another magazine within the family.  UrbanDaddies is, well…we bet you can guess who it’s for.

Using a youthful writing style, we engage our readers with articles, tips and information on all things belly, bambino and kid.  With us, consumers find unique products, easy recipes, articles and health and safety tips (we’re not totally shallow).

Testimonials from our Readers:

  • “This website has helped us conceive again.. its layout is easy to understand.. and the recipes are amazing my6 year old loves them and i let her help pick what is for dinner.. thank you :)”  – Megan Harvey
  • “Love the recipes! And the clean, easily organized design of the site is super.”  – Taylor Borisoff
  • “Most definitely the straight forward product reviews…tested by real, honest Moms.”  – Deanne Frere
  • “I do love the newsletters with the highlights of new articles, new reviews, etc. I am often too busy to just cruise my favorite websites, so getting the emails is a reminder and a tease to go check out the articles.”  – Tanya Mack
  • “I love the sophisticated flair and the ease of use of the site. I also love the contests!”  Monica Grodski
  • “I love how there are so many different topics, whatever stage you are at in motherhood you can find advice on, including twins (which I have).”  – Debra Moore
  • “I love how easy it is to navigate, and I love that you include articles that talk about the mother’s health as well. Too many parenting magazines seem to focus directly and exclusively on the children, and I think that it’s important that the mother stay in good mental and physical health to be able to be the best parent possible.Plus, I love that the advertisements you have on the site are really ones that apply to me! I love finding new products.”  – Kayla
  • “I love the color/motif of your site; it’s easy to browse.” – Lino Trino

Whether you are looking to promote your business, a new product, drive and increase sales, or create brand awareness, UrbanMommies Media is able to facilitate a variety of advertising needs.

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