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My Yellow Baloon

My Yellow Baloon

There has been a lot of crappy sadness in the news this week, month and year. It’s no secret that our children are directly or indirectly exposed to and aware of life’s most difficult occurrences, and in their true curious natu...

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6 Tricks to Get your Child to Love Reading

6 Tricks to Get your Child to Love Reading

Convincing your kids to start enjoying reading books is an extremely important thing to do as a parent. Sometime in the future, it will be worth the investment of time and energy. Reading is learnt in school however most kids a...

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Top Baby Names in Canada 2014

Top Baby Names in Canada 2014

Every year, we feature the top girls and boys’ baby names across Canada, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint! We use lists put forth by Vital Statistics departments from across Canada’s provinces and ter...

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Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Every mother wants to offer their child the very best possible, whether that’s education, extracurricular activities or the food that we put on their plates. Many of us struggle with how to “do it all”. Findin...

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Trying to Conceive: Tips
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End Violence Against Women

Shop to End Violence Against Women

May is a pretty special month. Tulips, showers and Mother’s Day await, but it is also a chance to raise awareness and end violence against women. Many of us have experienced emotional or physical violence, and it is the a...

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touring New Zealand by bike

H+I Adventures is Now Touring New Zealand by Bike

H+I Adventures, specialists in cultural mountain biking trips, is now touring New Zealand by bike! New Zealand is one of the world’s most naturally beautiful countries, with snow-clad mountains, towering glaciers, relaxing hot ...

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