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Gold Hostess Gifts

All that Glitters – Gold Hostess Gifts

If you’re looking to make a statement, gold always works. Our gold hostess gifts will be sure to knock her socks off. 1. Celebration Champagne Glasses from Chapters/Indigo $38.00 – Because holiday cocktails should n...

Floral Gifts
Healthier Halloween Options from Urban Mommies
10 DIY Advent Calendars You Can Make At Home From Urban Mommies

10 DIY Advent Calendars You Can Make At Home From Pinterest

Don’t you just love Christmas? The excitement, the anticipation, the magic in your children’s eyes as they imagine what they’ll find under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning? We decided to help you with y...

Family Halloween Costumes from Urban Mommies
Homeschooling 101
Baby Names for Boys

Baby Names for Boys in 2014

When deciding on baby names for boys, often it is best to have a variety of suggestions and know the current trends. In 2014, mythological names, Spanish, unconventional spellings, Biblical references and 1940′s show busi...

Top Baby Names in Canada for 2013
Pre and Post Natal Side Effects
Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Every mother wants to offer their child the very best possible, whether that’s education, extracurricular activities or the food that we put on their plates. Many of us struggle with how to “do it all”. Findin...

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Trying to Conceive: Tips
Exec Moms

Stories from Vicitims of Sexual Assault

This has been a couple of crazy weeks in Canada. As I wrote my article on victimization and have been speaking out on my own sexual assault and the subsequent police involvement, criminal trial and jailing of the perpetrator I ...

Thoughts on Victimization
Jill Amery Katy Perry

Half Moon Resort, Jamaica

It’s taken me an awfully long time to write about Half Moon Resort, Jamaica. It’s like part of me wanted to hold it inside because once it’s out there, it’s gone. This property is by far the most wonderful family destination I ...

Covert Farms Osoyoos
Travel Like Your Favorite Movie Characters