Parenting Spiritually

Ashley Scott on Parenting Spiritually in LA

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The first two things I noticed about Ashley Scott (besides her flawless beauty) were words on her twitter account. ‘Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have. Make the Now the primary focus of your life’ is her bio, and a few days ago she tweeted 11.11. Whoa. I am one who constantly sees 11:11 on a clock, and knew inherently that I was going to enjoy our interview with Ashley Scott on parenting spiritually in LA.

Sustainable Laundry

The 4 Sustainable Laundry Choices you Need to Make

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I just returned from ten days staying in a Barcelona flat where I washed in cold water and hung everything to dry. You may have caught my Facebook Live video about how environmentally-friendly European homes are as I showed viewers around my Gothic-quarter flat. As an exchange student living in Germany when I was 16 years old, I noticed that lights went off automatically, water was heated sparsely, and clothes dryers didn’t exist in most homes. At the time I thought that the Germans were the ones who lagged behind. How wrong I was.


Nikki Deloach on Postpartum Depression

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Sometimes you speak to a person and it makes you a better woman and mother. So was the case when I spoke to Nikki Deloach the day before her new film,”Perfect Catch,” which premieres on the Hallmark channel on April 22nd. In the podcast below, I talk to Nikki about her 3 year old son, her current pregnancy and the insane judgments hurled on us by other parents. We also spend much of the interview discussing what got her through her own struggles with postpartum depression and how the challenges associated with this mental illness helped her become an even better actor.


Gold Bunny Acts of Kindness + Giveaway

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Our family gets giddy for holidays. Knowing me as you do, it shouldn’t be a shock that I have an entire storage room dedicated to wreaths, décor and cookie cutters divided meticulously into seasons. Yes.. I do. And I gently rotate them throughout the year so that the next holiday’s treasures are easily accessible. Beloved traditions have permeated every Hallowe’en, Christmas and Easter in order to make memories and bond as a family. We have special recipes and songs, outfits and stories handed down through generations. While all of this adds sparkle to life, sometimes these traditions aren’t entirely selfless. At times, I focus more on the spectacle than actually spending real time with my kids. My heart races as I just admitted that.


Waking Up Happy

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I hate mornings. And I’m not just saying that. I REAALY am not a morning person. See? I wrote that last sentence at 7am. That’s what happens. Give me 10pm. Midnight, and I will execute my tasks beautifully, exhibiting flawless grammar and grand ideas. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t operate based on my ideal time of day. The harsh 7am alarm means coffee, breakfast preparation and the crazy marathon that is getting two boys to school on time.


Parenting in Hollywood with Lacey Chabert

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Chatting with Lacey Chabert, it was clear why she has been such a success. It has been said that her voice is like cotton candy – and chatting to her while her 6-month old baby cooed in the background, I had a hunch that Lacey could lull the little one to sleep with a few whispers. Saturday, April 8th marks the debut of Lacey’s latest Hallmark Channel film called “Moonlight in Vermont“. Playing a successful, driven realtor who gets dumped by her boyfriend, the character heads to Vermont for the weekend and discovers that her beau is already in a relationship. Panicking, she creates a make-believe relationship and the story gets complicated!


Vanessa Marcil: Teaching Boys to Respect Women

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Chatting with Vanessa Marcil about her new film on the Lifetime Network airing April 8th, 2017, I was struck by her prowess in psychology. She explains that being dark-haired, she often plays the villain, and yet looks for the light in these characters in order to give them depth. This Saturday on the Lifetime Network, “The Wrong Mother” will debut. When a professional mom (Marcil) of twin toddlers has a mishap, she and her pilot husband must hire help in the house in order to keep things running smoothly. Unfortunately, their hire is not ideal. Vanessa confirmed that I may need a glass of wine before watching this movie! The plot sounds completely riveting and not to be missed on Saturday.


Jill’s Delicious Banana Bread

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I’m starting to share with you some of the recipes from my self-published cookbook which was really a labour of love. I assembled our family recipes for my mother and I’m making them available on Urbanmommies moving forward. I made the banana bread from my cookbook on the first instalment of my new Facebook Live feature “Let’s Be Honest” which will be running on Mondays at 12 p.m. Pacific time. It won’t always be me cooking, it’s just a chance to chat about what’s been going on while I do things in my mom life.

Raspberry ice cream

I’ll Never Diet Again, Part 3: Avocados and Ice Cream are Both My Friends

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“Throw away your scale.”

“Just throw it away! Never weigh yourself again.” This is one of the tenets of intuitive eating for several reasons, key among them being the notion that a “bad” weight reading will lead to disgust/discouragement, which can lead to why-do-I-even-try, which can (and in my case, will) lead to a binge. A food extravaganza.


Don’t Blink Or You’ll Miss It

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It seems like just yesterday my kids were in diapers. It’s like overnight they sprung fully formed into these magical creatures, these growing boys with distinct likes and dislikes. Movie nights used to be easy to pick what to watch, age appropriate selections were obvious and there wasn’t much guesswork involved. Now that they are getting bigger it’s just a little bit trickier to know what is going to be ok for them to watch. This is my advice for movie nights with growing kids.

juvenile idiopathic arthritis

Kids Get Arthritis Too

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March is Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month! What? Are you scratching your head? If you are, please know that arthritis is a condition not exclusive to the elderly. More than 24,000 Canadian kids live with arthritis, and for young bodies in a constant state of growth and development, the condition can be debilitating. Can you imagine sitting out games, choosing not to climb the tree with the other kids, or giving up organized sports due to joint pain and inflammation when you are 10? While most people think of arthritis as an “old persons” disease, arthritis is actually one of the more common disorders resulting in chronic disability in children and teens in Canada.

Babyproofing a Smart Home

Childproofing Your Modern Home

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We are living in a miraculous time. Life is complex, yet we are constantly able to accomplish more and more in the course of a day. Technology continually advances to allow instantly-scheduled meetings or automatic photo printing. Our homes have also become meccas of convenience and efficiency. Interior designers have analyzed life for real people, and our living spaces now reflect adaptations for our realities. For the elderly, this may mean electronic stair lifts and non-spherical door handles. For the modern family, kitchens include pull-out shelving solutions, smart home technology and laundry rooms that have relocated to a central floor.