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Stop Motion Video: Non-Stop Fun!

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My son doesn’t enjoy writing very much but he does love making video. He is such an expressive, creative little person and he’s always looking for new ways to express himself on video. He transformed our front door into a backdrop, making his name out of tin foil shapes and adding an approximation of the silver play button he hopes to receive one day for all his hard work. He recently received Stikbot Studio Pro and 2 Stikbot Pet Singles to help him in his video production efforts for his Youtube channel. 


The Best Google Home Commands for Parents

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I am such a tech lover. It makes me more productive, allows me to have more time for family, and can solve every day frustrations. This is why, from the moment I heard about smart home technology, I embraced every new item I could. Unable to whip out and upgrade my kitchen appliances, I started small with fun and manageable options.

Spy Games

Unlock the Secrets to Spy Games with YULU

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Even as a little guy, my son had a knack for solving puzzles. At his daycare they called him ‘Baby Houdini’, because he quickly learned how to open various locks on the gates and doors between areas. If he sees us enter a passcode even once on a device or during an electronic purchase, we have to change it immediately, because he will never forget the one he just learned. Like many boys his age, he is prone to being loud and clumsy, but he’s also stunningly stealthy when he goes into “ninja-mode.” It’s like he was born to be a spy.

Mobile Phones Best Buy

A Simpler Mobile Phone Experience

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As progressive as I think I am…. some traditions have become the norm, and I have never even questioned whether or not there are other ways to do things. Making macaroni and cheese, for instance (not from scratch).. I have done it the exact same way for years – butter first and then milk. Painting my nails – left before right. Unloading the dishwasher – glasses and then cutlery. Old habits. Some may be the best way for me to tackle them, while in other cases, methods may have progressed over time, and I have simply not noticed.

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How To Bounce Back From Travel Missteps

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The best laid plans can fall by the wayside when you’re travelling. The majesty of your destination, the excitement of the journey and all the planned activities can make you forget about the health precautions you take in every day life. It’s easy to forget routine on a one in a life time experience where there is nothing routine. These are some vacation health mistakes that are easy to make and how to bounce back in time to enjoy your vacation.

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Yes, Balancing Nature and Technology is Possible!

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I am not a very black and white person, and my parenting style reflects this. Sometimes I think it would be easier to guide with a bit more discipline and less flexibility, but I tend to parent with much more fluidity then rules and regulations. One area where this has been a challenge is in monitoring the use of technology for my children and learning what is appropriate and what is not.

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Road Trip Musical Memories

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We used to hit the road a lot as kids, and the soundtrack of these adventures were largely dictated by my parents. That’s how I came to have an appreciation for the oldies and even learned enough of the words to sing along. We had a big blue case of cassette tapes that would form the background noise of our big drives. My parents were big on exploring new places, but the music was usually the same. 

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Summer Snuggle At The Beach

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I spent time growing up in the Okanagan, so I was fortunate to enjoy many summer days at the beach. My happiest memories are sun-drenched and sandy! Stretching out on a beach towel to enjoy the sunshine, or sitting on one while building sandcastles, is such a great sensory memory.The softness of the towel fibres on my skin contrasted against the roughness of the sand at my feet is ingrained in my mind with its textures and sensation. As a mom, I want my son to have those kinds of warm, happy memories of carefree time spent at the beach as well.

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Why Friendship Matters

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From an early age, we learn that friendships hold such importance. Through play we are taught about sharing. We take turns in games. Friends tell each other secrets and celebrate different events together.

But what happens as we grow older to keep those unique bonds going? Our range of friends extends to all different personalities. How do we talk so that our friends listen and more importantly, how can we determine what we want out of a friendship?

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Movie Night Goes Italian

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My family and I have been travelling in Europe and I want to keep that magic alive when we get home. That’s why I’ve assembled a play list of movies about Italy so I can remember our trip and the beauty of a country I am so in love with. I remember 15 years ago, when I was in Italy, buying Italian bridal magazines because my husband and I had just gotten engaged. Now, travelling there with my kids, it was so special to share the magic of Italy with them.

Here’s what Netflix has to watch about Italy: