prioritized toddler over to-do list

What Happened When I Prioritized My Toddler Over My To-Do List

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When I was still part of the working world, I was forever crafting mile-long to-do lists, oftentimes writing down things I’d already completed just for the thrill of striking them through with a heavy-handed double line. If you flipped through my spiral notebook with the green patterned whales on the cover, you’d see each day’s minutiae penciled carefully into uniform lines—every task from showering to laundry folding to playdating—satisfyingly crossed out as each is completed. I thrived on the feeling of contentment I got from seeing a day of hard work spelled out on the page, tangible and real.

Signs of Implantation - When Pregnancy Begins

Signs of Implantation – When Some Say Pregnancy Begins

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Some scientists say that implantation is when and where pregnancy begins. What is implantation and are there any common signs of implantation? Implantation occurs when the egg that has been fertilized by the sperm attaches to the inner wall of the uterus about 7-9 days after conception. Having traveled down the fallopian tube and divided several times, the fertilized zygote has reached its final destination in the warm and nourishing uterine lining. Now it can receive the oxygen and nutrients from mom to begin to grow and develop into the beautiful baby it will become. Implantation must occur for pregnancy to continue.

How to Preserve Flowers from Valentine's Day

How to Preserve Flowers from Valentine’s Day

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If your special someone decided to give you a bouquet of beautiful flowers this holiday, you can make the gift last even longer by choosing to preserve the flowers. There are many ways to dry flowers and afterwards, you can turn them into a cute wall hanging, framed art, a wreath or anything else your mind can imagine!

Here are five ways to preserve flowers so that you can keep them as a reminder of your Valentine.

Pink Shirt Promise - Safer Internet Day - Anti Bullying Day

Pink Shirt Promises: Teach Internet Safety to Your Kids

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Over the past few years social media, and internet use in general, has exploded. Nearly 90% of North Americans have access to and use of the internet regularly. As a parent, this creates a plethora of new safety concerns that are arising out of uncharted waters. Internet safety has become an increasing concern. It is hard to know where to start and how to keep our children safe when they have the entire world accessible at their fingertips.

Barbie Evolved - Podcast with Erica Ehm

Podcast: Erica Ehm from YummyMummyClub on Barbie

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We’re thrilled today to be speaking with Erica Ehm from the YummyMummyClub about an exciting new and relatively historic event that has taken place which she has had a hand in developing. Mattel has been making the Barbie Doll, essentially unchanged, for years. Even through the era of men’s magazine and feminism, not much changed for that classic American icon, Barbie. But today, there’s been an announcement. 

Taking My Toddler Outside |

Taking My Toddler Outside

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Ah, the great outdoors! The most wonderful place to explore, interact with nature, enjoy some peace, get some exercise and breathe in the fresh air. I know how important it is to raise children with daily outside experiences, but getting bundled and out there isn’t always as easy to actually do as it is to say.

6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

6 Simple Ways to Treat Yourself

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As multi-tasking moms, often times we put ourselves last on the list. As Teri Hatcher wrote in her best-selling book, Burnt Toast, the matriarch of the family often has a tendency to say, ‘please take the good toast and leave burnt piece for me.’ Everyone else’s needs come first, and ours second.

20 Top Pregnancy Essentials

20 Top Pregnancy Essentials

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So, you’re gonna have a baby? Welcome to a different world, Mama. Your body will be going through some amazing, exciting, gross, hilarious, and unbelievable changes and experiences in the next nine months. Luckily, there are tons of great products and services that will make your pregnancy as smooth and easygoing as possible. Here are 20 of the Top Pregnancy Essentials that no stylish Mommy should be without!


Wellness Twitter Party

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While mindfulness is an ancient wisdom tradition, today it is an evidence-based training used in government, healthcare, business, education and military settings that helps you switch off ‘auto-pilot’,teaching people how to return their mind to the present moment and what is happening now.