Dyson Vacuum

Win Your Way To #DysonClean

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I loved the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and I’m really excited about it – I just want to tell the world! I wish everyone could enjoy the simple pleasure of a clean floor, even when there are critters afoot. Cleaning shouldn’t feel like a chore and with the Dyson Ball Animal 2, it doesn’t have to! My friends at Dyson have graciously offered a Dyson Ball Animal 2 to be awarded to one of our lucky readers. This is a pretty big deal because it’s an awesome vacuum. Have you seen my review yet? It even has a handy video! I am so lucky to have had the chance to try this vacuum out and I would love to hear about all the challenges and messes your new vacuum can help clean up!


Running Safety: What You Need To Keep Going And Never Give Up!

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I love to run and where I live that means running on country roads. I’ve written about my love of running in the past and also about my desire to be safe while running. Being safe can mean a lot of different things – making sure someone knows where I’m headed on my route, or at least has an idea of the general direction I’m headed – being aware of my surroundings in case drivers aren’t aware of me – even knowing where the cows are out to pasture so I don’t startle them which WILL startle me.

I’ve been fortunate enough to return from all of my runs safely. Now I’ve got some added protection – in case I have a problem.

Teaching Kids Activism

Sara Rue: The Activist Actor

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Actors have many roles, and for mother of two Sara Rue, being an activist in today’s political climate is as important to her as any theatrical performance. With her daughters in tow, Rue recently participated in the climate march from where she was filming, setting an inspiring example for her kids. A celebrated actor on stage and screen, you have probably caught her as Carmen Ferrara on Popular, and as Claude Casey on Less than Perfect. As a huge sitcom fan, I loved her performance in The Big Bang Theory, playing Leonard Hofstadter’s physician girlfriend Dr. Stephanie Barnett for three episodes.


Kids’ Happy Meal Books for Literacy

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Literacy is as much a parenting priority as ensuring our prodigy are well fed. Some lessons, like teaching them not to bully or washing behind their ears are simpler parenting goals than others. While instilling compassion can be done on a tight budget, not every child has access to the plethora books that are required in order to develop a passion for reading.


They Say Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, But I Know It’s White Gold

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We may have mommy-brain about almost everything else, but the one thing we all know is how we like our coffee.

My personal go-to has been a K-cup of an insanely dark roast cut with half and half. There is something to be said for fast, easy, eye-opening caffeine consumption that even my kid can make. (Yes, I’ve taught my oldest how to set the coffee maker and how many splashes of cream to add for it to get to just the color mommy likes.) That convenience comes at a high cost however, with a large amount of waste I’ve never felt great about.


My Vacuum Sucks (and that’s why I love it).

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As I age, I realize that quantity is really not preferable to quality. It’s taken me a while. My sunglass drawer is stuffed with dozens of cheap sunglasses that don’t block UVB rays. The closet contains too many pairs of inexpensive stilettos that I can’t wear because they are so uncomfortable. And I have owned so many vacuums that can’t deep clean and then break often. Throwing away a big item like a vacuum every year or two really can’t be good for the planet. It also takes so much time to shop, learn, and then dispose of big items that you either end up returning of tossing. I am thrilled to say that I have aged wisely. I now have one good pair of stunning sunglasses, a couple of comfortable designer stiletto options, and a vacuum that truly sucks. In the most epic way possible. All of these items, by the way, will last me a very long time. Cheaper isn’t necessarily wiser.


Caribbean Chicken Salad

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I really don’t like cold food. Hence, I’m a soup girl, but sometimes I force myself to eat salads. Lately I’ve discovered excellent dressings and stunning salad presentation, so it’s more of a game. Challenge accepted! I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to the Carribean and the flavours of this salad help bring a taste of the islands back home with me. I have so many great memories there, supporting the Sandals Foundation, having a blast at Beaches Resort Turks and Caicos, and going off the beaten path in Montego Bay,  It’s like a culinary souvenir, of sorts. It also reminded me of our contributor, Grace Riley, who was ticking things off her bucket list in Jamaica, For me, this dish embodies the taste of adventure.

Morning People

When Your Kids Aren’t Morning People

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It’s May and while we are supposed to be seeing earlier sunrises and spring blooms, the weather has been horrible. Mayvember. Daily rain, with grey skies and chilly air are not a recipe for wanting to jump out of bed at an early hour. Apparently, though, track and field begins in the spring and the hardcore teachers facilitating the 7am practices didn’t receive the ‘raincheck’ memo. I try so hard to teach the kids not to quit things, and me not wanting to drive in wet weather wouldn’t set a very good example!


The Eldridge Conspiracy – Facing The World Without Super Powers

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Superheroes are fun role models for children. Little ones can dress up and pretend they have special powers. As parents, many of us promote different character traits a superhero has to help our kids become stronger in character. There are so many books and shows where the fictional characters have special abilities.

Then children grow older and start to become miniature adults as they are faced with all kinds of social and interpersonal situations that special powers can’t fix.

Who becomes the role model then?

Sad Woman Silhouette Worried On The Beach

Mother’s Day Without Mom

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Mother’s Day sucks. There, I said it! I fully admit it. It shouldn’t. I’m the proud and lucky mom of two great kids, a girl, 10, and a boy, 4. They are my life, my joy, and I couldn’t imagine my world without them. But see, I belong to this club, the one that no one ever wants to be a part of.

 I’m a card-carrying member of the “my mother is dead and it sucks club.”

May 1St. Image Of May 1 White Block Calendar On White Background

Mommy’s Month and Memories

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Somewhere I have a black and white photo of my mother’s purse, hanging off a tree limb, on the edge of a beach in Maine. It’s not a particularly great photo. But I still remember the moment I took it, thinking it looked odd and a bit lonesome. 

We’d been at my cousin’s wedding in New Hampshire. The day after the wedding was overcast and rainy. Instead of driving south to head home, Mom first drove north. Just so we could stop for a while at a beach. She needed to see the ocean; walk in the sand. Like the photograph, there’s not much to the story. It was just a very “Mom” thing to do. Like hanging her purse on the tree.