Epson Ecotank Printer

Epson Expression EcoTank Printer

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What’s worse than running out of printer ink when the kids remember homework due TOMORROW and it’s bedtime? Not much. Epson has come out with a new printer called the Ecotank, which comes with enough ink in the box to last 2 years and frees you from never-ending cartridge-buying, as the low-cost ink comes in bottles that you actually pour into the printer.

puro headphones

Sound Epidemic: Save Your Kids’ Ears.

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My father doesn’t like to sit still. He’s always outside: tinkering with his tractor, using a chainsaw, or flying in his small airplane. He got his pilot’s license the same year I was born and I grew up riding alongside him in his single engine airplane, peering out the window, yelling at the top of our lungs to communicate with each other.

Over the years, his love for flight hasn’t changed, but now I have to yell to speak to him even when we’re on the ground. The constant exposure to the deafening sound of the engine took its toll and, at 60 years old, he was forced to admit he needed hearing aids.

samsung gs7

Why I Love Losing My Mobile Phone

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I’m basically haunted when it comes to mobile phones. I even wrote an article once about ‘The Curse of the Blackberry Pearl’ (please, GenY, don’t do the math here.) Point is: if something can go wrong with my phone, it will. Whether by drowning (ask my toddler why ‘mama’s phone needs a bath’), fire (resting it on a heater so the innards melted), innumerable technical malfunctions (I don’t think phones are meant to withstand the sheer number of photos I take and store), loss or theft (usually involving enough wine so that I have no clue which is which) or a number of other potential maladies, it’s a *thing* and my cell phones just don’t make it.

gross moms

7 Gross Things Basically All Moms Do

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Motherhood is a lot of things—some beautiful, some awful, and some really, really gross. So many bodily fluids that need tending to, so many smells…who knew that peeing on that little stick would be practice for all the years we’d be elbow deep in the sludge of motherhood? But moms are soldiers—we handle the grit and grim with aplomb. So let’s own it, shall we? Let’s pull back the curtain on the gross things we all do and nod our heads in solidarity.

SPF and Moisturizer in One

Timesaver: SPF and Moisturizer in One

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OK spill it. How many of you guys baked in the sun as teenagers smeared with baby oil with ‘Sun-In’ saturated through your hair? What? Just me? D’oh….

Now that I’m starting to.. age gracefully, sun sense is crucial. What I have a difficult time with, however, is the inane two-step process that irritates me as a mom. Who has time to apply sunscreen, let it soak in, and then moisturize? And which should come first? And then apply foundation as well while trying to get the kids to school on time? Guaranteed one product will make your foundation gloopy and then tomorrow you end up skipping the sunscreen. What I need is an SPF and moisturizer in one.

Parenting Differently than My Parents

Not Your Parents’ Parenting

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My parents were great—no complaints at all, but as a kid I remember that there were certain house rules that made me repeatedly think: I will never do that to my kids. I will certainly be parenting differently than my parents.

Of course, looking back, my parents weren’t that bad and for the most part, they were pretty logical.

mom friends

Are Mom Friends Forever Friends?

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One day you’re sharing feeding tips with another new mom and a year later you suddenly realize that you’re actually in a beautiful and intense friendship. Both you and your kids have so much in common, so the time you spend together is never strained—an afternoon together leaves you both feeling light with mutual understanding, your necks aching from all the nodding. And then one of you has another baby. And one of you doesn’t.

look for helpers

Look for helpers, Little One: A Love Story

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Today we were watching Freebirds, a movie about a pair of turkeys who travel back in time to eradicate Thanksgiving. My almost-two-year-old was captivated; he’s really into bird movies. Anyway, *spoiler alert* at the end of the film a tribe of early turkeys from the 1600s mourn the loss of their great leader by flapping their wings forward in a circular motion to create a swirling tribute of scattered feathers, spiraling up into the air. It’s a moving moment in the film and I looked down at my sweet son and saw that he was emulating their actions with his arms, slowly windmilling in a beautiful, almost spiritual show of empathy.

I was moved. It dawned on me that I thought of him as a baby still, incapable of understanding this subtle show of sadness and love. It’s true, his day-to-day temperament veers sharply from terrible toddler displays of frustration to sheer unadulterated joy, but this…this was something else.

toddler tantrums

Welcome to Toddler Hell, Population: You.

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The change in my son’s behaviour was so gradual I almost didn’t realize what was happening. At first, I wrote it off as a bad day. I explained his emotional meltdowns as tiredness or hunger—I know how a guy can get when he needs a taco.

One bad day turned to two, and two turned into a week. Before I knew it we were living a new normal. An emotionally unhinged, can-other-kids-possibly-be-like-this normal.

So here I am today, writing from Toddler Hell, where the red cup is never blue enough and shoes are evil feet-demons.

muslin clothing

{ Want Alert } Aden + Anais has muslin clothing

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We all know/love Aden + Anais for their delicious muslin swaddles, made famous by everyone—from just about every baby-toting celeb on the planet, to every mom in the know—but now they’re batting it out of the park again with their new muslin clothing line. With kimono tops, strategic snaps and covered zippers, I’m wishing they came in mommy sizes.

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