Britax Advocate ClickTight Car Seat

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If ONLY this were around when my kids were little. I remember the contortions and broken nails trying to hook up the *9Ghjeu!!!%(* car seats. And even better – when you test drive family vehicles as part of your profession? You have to shift them weekly (along with stale french fries and empty juice boxes). The new Britax Advocate ClickTight Convertible car seat makes me want to have it in the car just because it’s so easy to install. It includes the ClickTight Installation System for the safest and easiest installation in every car, every time. It’s also built for the Canadian as well as the US market. This seat offers three layers of side impact protection, an impact-absorbing base and steel frame for maximum safety. 


Updating Old Diet Habits

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As a little girl I used to have hot chocolate in a china cocoa set from 1860. The ritual and care required so as not to chip the cups etched the experience on my memory. The hot chocolate was the powder kind and on special occasions, it would contain dehydrated mini marshmallows. You could watch the sugar crystals in the powder as they dissolved. Back then a product was a product and nutritional ‘truths’ were a given. Soup, salad and milk were good for you. Candy was bad, and unless potatoes accompanied your meat, it wasn’t a proper dinner. Eating from the four food groups detailed in Canada’s Food Guide and doing some school ‘particip-action’ would keep you fit.


Family First at Mt. Baldy

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It’s not every day you meet a guy named Snowy Joey and ski perfect glades wearing a personalised scarf deeming you to be a Babe. But over the Family Day weekend, my family and I did just that.

Explore Mount Baldy – ski over to the Mt. Baldy website for more.

Nestled between Oliver and Osoyoos, B.C., Mt. Baldy is an extinct volcano that looks like a bald guy without a comb over. At 1,722 metres ( 5,650 feet) above sea level, Baldy has the highest base altitude of any ski resort in Canada. With three lifts serving 395 metres (1,293 feet) of vertical, a new racing team, terrain park, snow cross course and robust social event calendar, Baldy is the name being whispered in conversations across the ski community.


There are No Alternative Facts on a Nutrition Label

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We’re living in mystical times, when news is deemed ‘fake’ and talking points go unverified. Thankfully, in Canada, there are many vital pieces of information that we can trust with certainty. Facts are facts. And in times like these, when we actually have 100% true, real information in front of us, it’s our duty to actually know how to understand and decipher that information.

artists sharing political opinions

If you Don’t Want to Hear it, Don’t Watch

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This is not a story about my political views. This concerns the way we push celebrities up onto pedestals, then knock them down when they reveal themselves to be human. This is the story of how we follow ‘stars’ on social media, in the various tabloids, and gobble up all their various products, but expect these same people to keep their mouths shut and look pretty. Because they obviously exist solely for the benefit of our entertainment whims.

No, this is not about politics. This is a rant that has been building for weeks, months, maybe even years. Decades. 


Could You Recognize a Heart Attack in Women?

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Bayer. You will want to read it, though, as I have done a ton of research into what women should look for in heart attacks, and this is info that you’ll want to tuck away into your knowledge bank.

The French have it right. Inspired cuisine, detail-rich architecture, and an appreciation of ‘amour’ that outlasts the February Valentine’s fad. We are embarking on a month where matters of the heart reign supreme. But while many of us search for the perfect lingerie or chocolate truffles, somebody we know is suffering from heart disease. Keeping ourselves and our loved ones around for as long as possible is a far better Valentine’s gift than love-handle inducing candy.


7 Reasons Why Beaches Resorts are Budget Friendly

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After travelling to Beaches Resorts three times, both in Turks and Caicos and Negril, Jamaica, I’m convinced that despite these all-inclusive meccas providing being luxury-level vacations, they are also very budget-friendly. I have 7 awesome reasons why. In addition, there is freedom and relief when you arrive at a resort that gives the highest level of service and quality, and you need not open your wallet the entire time you vacation. It’s as if the relaxation has double the effect.


National Geographic Family Field Guide

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Whether it’s ideas for how Star Wars can inspire STEM learning to why it’s important to have kids help plan the family vacay, the National Geographic Family Field Guide is the place to be. Communicating with parents is super important at National Geographic in order to further the company’s core values, and sometimes kids devour the witty, respectful content so fast that parents can get left behind. No longer!

Charlotte Jenkins GotStyle

Breaking Down the Style Basics: An Interview with Charlotte Jenkins

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UrbanMommies talked to Charlotte Jenkins, on how she balances motherhood with a public and demanding role at Toronto’s fashion hot-shop, GOTStyle.

Best of all, she gave us the inside scoop on how moms AND dads can play the part of parent of the year, without adopting the ‘look’.

At work, Charlotte has tackled everything from “glam stuff to the not-so-glamorous” for all three of GOTStyle’s retail platforms. Between “problem-solving, getting things done on the fly, as well as fixing things… It’s definitely prepared me for being a mother. Well, nothing can prepare you for being a mother, but…”

intuitive eating

As God Is My Witness, I Shall Never Diet Again, Part 2: In Which I Realize That Support Is Nice, But Not Necessary

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Not everyone understands intuitive eating.

Actually, I retract that. Almost no one understands intuitive eating. I can see it in the faces of people I try to explain it to. So, what, they’re thinking – you just eat whatever you want and stay fat forever? Awesome! Good luck with that! I can see it in the face of my husband, who pretty much refuses to understand intuitive eating. “So you just get fatter and fatter until you explode,” he said to me recently. Perhaps not the reaction I was hoping to get, in response to my first published post on the subject. But, there you have it.


Coronado Springs Resort

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Whenever we go to Walt Disney World, we try as many hotels as we can. Visiting Coronado Springs Resort was super exciting, as the Invictus Games were being held at ESPN World of Sports while we visited and many of the athletes were on the property. I find that this is one of the beautiful things about Disney – you meet so many interesting people from all walks of life and can learn so much. My kids chatted with a British wheelchair volleyball athlete and watched him remove his prosthetic leg as they stood in awe!


Le Taha’a Resort, French Polynesia

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There is a chance I may never scuba dive again. Because then I will be able to say “the last time I dove was in Bora Bora.” And really, with a drift snorkel jammed with vibrant coral and exotic fish directly next to Le Taha’a Resort, I have one less reason to don a scuba tank. (And one more excuse to visit this property again). For the record, we didn’t sleep at Le Tahaa, but I was given an extensive tour of the rooms, the pool and spa while also experiencing a spectacular lunch. I’d heard many mutterings about the Relais & Chateau – operated property on Taha’a, but had no idea how blown away I would be at the vistas and service until I approached the small French Polynesian island in the resort’s private shuttle.