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Mom In-The-Know | Protecting Your Kids From Zika

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Nature has thrown moms another curve-ball. Despite the fact that the Zika Virus has been around for 60 years, surprisingly little is known about the mosquito-born illness, but—with the recent connection between this virus and devastating birth defects—the information we do have is alarming, to say the least.

In order to better protect yourself and your family from this virus, it’s important to understand the risks. So here are the facts to put Zika on your radar—and the tips to keep it out of your home.

Maple Lodge Farms Sandwiches

Storytelling Through Food for Picky Eaters

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This post is part of the YummyMummyClub.ca and Maple Lodge Farms #FamilyFirst sponsored program. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.

Maybe it’s the June doldrums after months of school lunches and shuttling from soccer practice to skiing with grumpy, tired kids who seem less than appreciative. Maybe I’m in a rut trying to feed the boys creative, healthy foods with constant resistance. Or maybe parenting it just hard. I think that is probably it.

the inner goddess

Fifty Shades…Later | The Inner Goddess Dishes about Kids, Sex and Post-Preg Pooch

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Well, hello there.

I have to say, it’s thrilling to finally meet you. More to the point: it’s thrilling to finally narrate one of these stories! I’m lucky to be getting away with it, I suppose, but then, Anastasia’s been busy lately, hasn’t she? What with the kids and the marital demands – and I do mean demands – there isn’t much time to pay attention to her once-ubiquitous Inner Goddess. Not that I’ve been bothered by my newfound freedom. On the contrary, I’ve enjoyed it quite a bit. You could say I’ve come into my own.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, Book Review

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On July 21, 2007 hundreds of thousands of addicts around the world raced to the bookstore to pick up the last book in the Harry Potter series, I among them. With the treasure safely in my clutches, I practically flew home like a seeker in a Quidditch match and did not leave again until I’d read every last word.

Harry Potter books were themselves magic. There were 7 books in the series and each one launched us deep into a world where vibrant notions of darkness and light came vividly to life. And each time, you turned the last page and wanted more. We’d all resigned to the end, however. We were promised seven and we took mournful leave of the Harry’s story and waited for the films to come out.

And then, nine years later, there were rumblings. Harry was back.

end of summer blues

The End of Summer Blues

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Summer is almost over. If I didn’t know by the calendar, I would know by the feel of the air—the mornings stay cooler a little longer, and there is a heaviness that makes me anxious. In a few days my boy will begin seventh grade and my daughter, fourth.

I think this is more traumatic for me than it is for them. I get melancholy every fall, because I know these days aren’t mine to keep. This year my son has no interest in being near me and my daughter is pushing back against anything that she thinks threatens her autonomy.

The long, slow days of summer, the moments we have together, they’re growing shorter. I have the end of summer blues.

finance for kids

Finance for Kids | 3 Tips for Teaching Them to Love Saving

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“I want your phone,” declares my two-year-old after breakfast.

“No,” I respond.

“I want your phone,” she reiterates. Again, she’s met with a resounding no. She decides to move on.

“I want your tablet,” she counters, hoping to get a rise out of me. Even more so, she asks hoping that I give her something to stop her requests.

Smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other expensive toys have dominated our children’s lives in the past few years and the anticipated costs of raising children will continue to rise as their “toys” become increasingly luxurious.

But how do you make the children more responsible? How do you help them understand the value of their (and your) things?

You make them pay.

Manners With Kids

Unpopular Mom: Having a Child…and Manners

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I was at the grocery store the other day waiting for the restroom. And waiting. For a long time. I totally get that changing a diaper can go awry, but 30 minutes in a single, public restroom? No matter. I’ve had two kids and some days are just bad. The mom stormed out after changing her child’s diaper and yelled “Give me room!” almost knocking me down. I never get angry, but this time I was miffed. Not as miffed, however, as when I went in and the public restroom looked as if a bomb had exploded. Luckily for me and the staff it wasn’t ‘that’ kind of bomb, but the room was a mess. Paper towels all over the changing table, unflushed toilet, and water all around.

little black shoe

Finally, the Little Black Shoe is here. Moms, take note.

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Every mom knows the importance of a perfect LBD. It’s the one thing in your closet you can count on to make you feel comfortable and pretty at once, transforming you from the frazzled mom who just spent the morning scrubbing poo off of a pink stuffed elephant, into an elegant, got-it-together emblem of supreme womanhood. And if you have a little black dress that goes from the playground to date night—even better.


Back to School Twitter Party With Dreamwater

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It’s almost that time of year when darkness comes earlier, morning routines become more complex and lazy days transition into more serious pursuits. As the seasonal changes unfold, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. We’re not one for chemicals that claim to combat restless, sleepless nights so we’ve partnered with Dreamwater Canada to bring you tips and tricks to prepare you for the busy back to school season! Join us for a twitter party on Tuesday, August 23rd at 9EST, 6PST to help you transition easily into September! We couldn’t be more excited about the sleep conversations and tips we will share!


A Family Battling Lyme Disease

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Imagine never feeling well and having doctors diagnose you with a different illness each time you sought help. Imagine health providers blaming your mental state for a disease that you would later discover had been the cause of your suffering all along. And then imagine realizing that your infection had been passed to your kids, and this particular disease is so not funded in Canada, making accurate diagnosis and treatment extremely limited. Such was the case with Tanis Michelsen, who has since become an advocate for the recognition and treatment of lyme disease. 


Power Up the Imagination #Giveaway

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We’re in the home-stretch of summer and my kids are getting fidgety. I don’t want them constantly watching TV or allowing them to morph into screen zombies, and yet their creativity is waning. Sending them outside on bug hunts, creating forts and harvesting their gardens has come and gone. We all know how crucial toys, games and play are for a child’s development, but sometimes we all run out of ideas. Thankfully we found a way to power up the imagination!