Halifax Privateer's Wharf

A video tour of Halifax’s Historic Properties

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Jill Amery is the publisher of Urban Mommies Media and was born and bred on the East Coast of Canada. Jill recently visited Halifax, Nova Scotia and takes us on a video journey around the Historic Properties (aka Privateer’s Wharf) to see all the sights and sounds of a busy East Coast city, and learn a little Canadian history as well!

Did you know that the Historic Properties are warehouses on the Halifax Boardwalk that began to be constructed during the Napoleonic Wars by various Nova Scotian businessmen/privateers/smugglers. These privateers helped make Halifax extremely prosperous during Canada’s early years. There are currently 7 designated National historic sites located at Privateer’s Wharf, as well as many other of the cities oldest buildings.

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Family Dinner Etiquette

Family Dinner Etiquette

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Aaah, Sunday dinners. Grandparents everywhere look sceptically at the manners of their grandkids while parents pray they will eat and not completely offend everyone at the table. “Put your napkin on your lap! Chew with your mouth closed!” But it doesn’t have to be like that! Family dinners tend to have enough stress for some people without the addition of insecurity. UrbanMommies sat down with Sunita Padda, Founder of TableSmarts, and got some amazing tips about family dinner etiquette – and garnered a few refreshers of our own. Etiquette can be intimidating, but remember it’s purpose is about making people feel good.
Canadian Holiday Trends

Holiday Trends 2017: Oh Canada

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I am a super-collector of thematic decor. Seriously. I actually have an entire room dedicated to Hallowe’en garden gnomes, spring-themed cookie cutters and Christmas nutcrackers. The latter were acquired a few years ago from Canadian Superstore, and the store has since upped the ante with full-on Canadian hockey nutcrackers. (Don’t worry – I put a word in with the designer requesting goalkeeper versions). I will be lining up this year to snag a few of these.


BMW i3 – Style That’s Electric

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When you think of electric and eco-friendly, what level of style and class do you generally expect? I know. Probably something that is compostable and not always reliable. But.. what about when you think about the BMW brand? Strong, luxurious and design-conscious, right? I had the opportunity to try the electric BMWi3 and the experience was unexpected, unforgettable and definitely luxurious. I most definitely enjoyed the drive. And my kids kept refusing to get out of the vehicle.


City On Edge: The Images of Protest

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Are you looking for a local experience that is educational without being boring? City On Edge is the latest exhibition at Museum of Vancouver, showcasing 100 years of protest history in Vancouver. It is based on the book of the same name, which was published by Greystone Books, and was written by by retired Vancouver Sun research librarian Kate Bird. Ms. Bird co-curated it with MOV’s curator Viviane Gosselin. 


Cold and Flu Season: Simple Solutions

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It’s back – the dreaded cold and flu season is here, but it doesn’t have to take you down with it. Every year, we do battle with coughs, cold and fever during cold and flu season. Even when we try really hard to stay healthy, we still have to climb under the covers sometimes and admit defeat.

If you’ve caught a bug, here are some things you can do to get back on your feet again as soon as possible and back to living your best life.


4 Reasons You Should Support Your Local School Library

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The school library, the one period of the day or week when you didn’t have to worry about “work”, because being in the library doesn’t feel like “work” because you’re surrounded by books. School libraries full of books can instill a love of travel. They can teach about social injustice. You can learn about exciting people who live amazing lives.


Eat, After Your Heart’s Content

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I don’t remember a time when I had a good relationship with food. Even when I was little, I remember being embarrassed by the fact that I was hungry and liked foods other kids turned their noses up at, spinach et al.

When my now threenager had just turned one and was starting to really get into food, I made an appointment for us to see a child nutritionist. “Is he a picky eater?” she asked in her office. “Oh, he’s eating perfectly,” I told her. “He eats avocado and salmon, eggs….you name it, all the good stuff.” I paused to answer the question on her lips. “We’re here because I have never had a good relationship with food. I know that the implications of this have been far reaching in my life—and I want to know what I need to do to make sure it doesn’t happen to him.” I realized then that nutritionists aren’t into psychological counseling and that I needed to learn my own coping mechanisms that I could implement into my life and pass on to my child.