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Logitech Big Bang

Logitech Big Bang

My normal week always consists of boats, rainstorms, kids sneaking off with (and dropping) my ipad to watch Stampylongnose, and a pair of eyeglasses getting scratched from being wedged into a huge purse. While coats can get wet...

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Logitech Holiday Scratcher
Living Simply in 2015

Living Simply

I don’t like new year’s resolutions because they usually amount to more pressure and disappointment. I try to look at life as progress – are every few years getting better than the last? Are we happy? Over the...

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Baby Names for Boys

Baby Names for Boys in 2014

When deciding on baby names for boys, often it is best to have a variety of suggestions and know the current trends. In 2014, mythological names, Spanish, unconventional spellings, Biblical references and 1940′s show busi...

Top Baby Names in Canada for 2013
Pre and Post Natal Side Effects
Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Baby Nutrition Month By Month With Mother Hen

Every mother wants to offer their child the very best possible, whether that’s education, extracurricular activities or the food that we put on their plates. Many of us struggle with how to “do it all”. Findin...

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Trying to Conceive: Tips
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10 Hot Careers for 2015

10 Hot Careers for 2015

In preparation for turning (gasp) 40, I’ve been getting my house in order (literally). Clean closets, organized toiletries and polished shoes were the first step. Now I’m focused on working smarter and controlling m...

Redeeming AIR MILES for Everyday Purchases
Jamaican Bucket List

Jamaican Bucket List

Travelers looking for a memorable vacation should look to the Jamaica Tourist Board’s intriguing  Jamaican bucket list. Inclusive of both well-known and under-the-radar experiences, accomplishing this list will generate wonderf...

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