Being Mindful of Nature

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Nature-deficit disorder, as coined by American author Richard Louv, should be adopted as a scientific term. Research shows spending time outside delivers mental and physical health benefits, makes people feel more relaxed, less stressed, more invigorated and gives them a break from the pressures in their daily lives. Despite 55% of Canadians believing that nature relaxes them, a full 56% of Canadians feel they don’t get enough outdoor time. Ugh. Sure, we can blame technology, full calendars, or gross weather. But in the end, I would go even further. I believe that we not only have a tendency to place a higher value on structured activities as opposed to free play. But I also think that we avoid the unknown. A minute-by-minute schedule is comforting, somehow, and once it’s all done, we feel accomplished and successful. Going off to search for a four leaf clover that may never materialize is comparatively frightening. Without teaching or kids to venture into the unknown, however – without the safety net of the construct of a video game or piano lesson – we are failing them. Ourselves too.

circa sep.2012: museum of vancouver: one of the landmark in vancouver.

Unbelievable in Vancouver

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I recently took a trip into the city to marvel at a new exhibit at the Museum of Vancouver called Unbelievable. I was fortunate enough to attend a behind the scenes tour led by Gregory Dreicer, MOV’s Director of Curatorial and Engagement who was both riveting and expansively knowledgeable. The exhibit was put together in a relatively short period of time by museum standards (3-4 months) and was in fact still being assembled before our very eyes. The central theme of the exhibit was around stories, the multitudes and power of stories, competing narratives and how our stories define the past, present and future.

Fathers Day Telescope

A Father’s Day Gift That’s Out of this World

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Of all the Father’s Day gifts in this world this year we chose one that’s quite possibly out of this world. When I give a gift to my husband for being a father I really want it to be something that he can not only enjoy but I also used to expand his prowess and abilities as a dad and form a deeper connection with our children. The Celestron Astro Master 130 EQ telescope is as much a scientific instrument as it is a piece of art in a living room I had no idea that exquisite gifts like this were available at Best Buy. They have a ton of other amazing Father’s Day ideas too.


A Passion for Running: Overcoming Pain

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Running is one of my passions but when aches and pains take over, that joy can quickly diminish. In general, this type of exercise is my escape from a place that can sometimes be chaotic. As a wife, the mom of two girls, a small business owner and blogger, life can be hectic! But when my feet hit the ground for a run, I release all the worries and my day makes sense. What happens, however, when every time one foot hits the ground the pain intensifies?

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Pulling Up My (New) Socks

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My legs are my life line to sanity right now. They get me from home, to my kids’ ballgames, back home, to the well worn path to the grocery store. And my legs get me out on the road running…the place I really find my center and zen. When I need to clear my head I grind out some miles and come back to my life with a clearer view and renewed purpose.

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Saving Money So Your Family Can Live The Fullest Life

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I remember as a little girl, dressing up to go to the bank. It wasn’t as fancy as Easter Sunday, but close. I had three tiny bank books in hand: ‘chequing’, ‘savings’ and ‘long-term savings’. None of the accounts had much in them but the bank tellers assumed I was learning a ton and thought I was cute. Getting one’s bank book updated and waiting patiently in line was apparently a super-engaging kid activity. Sometimes I wouldn’t go for a few months and each interest payment would take so much time to print. Line by line. One cent, two cents…my family was very frugal and budgeted impeccably in order to save for vacations and big purchases.


Our Texada Aerospace Camp Adventure

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Mind. Blown. Did you know that in the middle of the Pacific Northwest there’s a 50-kilometre long island with the only paved runway in the Gulf Islands? Or, that kids can learn to fly airplanes in a flight simulator during a summer camp? Or, that you can sit on the grass and watch planes take off and land without security searches and stress?

My son Ford and I had the opportunity to spend a day on Texada Island, discovering its rich mining heritage, gigantic trees, unique flower rocks and tight-knit community, all while learning more about the Texada Aerospace Camp for kids.

Steering wheel covered in notes as a reminder of errands to do

The Mom I Knew I Could Be

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As a parent coach, I spend a lot of time with moms. More often than not, there is one common thread: She is overwhelmed, exhausted and feels locked into certain patterns with her kids.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s a very common story but it doesn’t have to be this way…

Have you ever had this interior monologue?

How can it be Sunday night already? Where did the weekend go? I’m so tired. I’ve got so much to do before I get to bed. Every Sunday night is the same and every Monday morning I feel like I’m starting off on the wrong foot.


Dry During the Day but Wet at Night

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The term ‘bedwetter’ is so awful. You just can’t possibly get a positive vibe as the recipient of this label. Some words come with so much baggage, and this particular one should be stricken from the dictionary. We’ll get Merriam-Webster right on that. In truth, nighttime wetting is a completely separate issue from potty training. While a parent can train their child out of diapers, nighttime wetting is something that can’t be trained and must be outgrown. It’s an inevitable and common part of growing up and we want all parents to feel at ease during this phase in their child’s life.

kids at the four seasons vancouver

Talking To Your Dad On Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is a great reminder of how important our dads are. Even as adults, raising our own kids, they have a place in our lives and taking the time to nurture that bond is crucial as we and our dads age. It can be easy to rely on the relationships we have built over time and go into autopilot with making connections, but there is so much we can learn if we take the time to listen to the insights they’ve gained since we spent so much time sitting on their knees. Taking the time to get to know the man our dads have become is a great way to learn more about ourselves and our own futures. My husband is a great dad and my boys are so lucky to have him. Let’s face it, dads are special. 

Fresh Summer Cocktails

Homemade and Healthy Ocean Water Recipe

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With the warmer weather starting to set in, we are always on the hunt for a refreshing beverage that exudes the feeling of summer season. A delicious, cool beverage is the best way to beat the heat while indulging the taste buds. Recipes that are a hit for kids with flavours and bright colours are particularly prized with everyone getting ready to be home from school until September. This would be a great addition to your outdoor party in a classy punch bowl. Cheers and drink up to summer fun in the backyard! 

I love ocean water/blue coconut soda. But I don’t really like all the sugar and other not so good ingredients in it. So when we had an Under the Sea themed party for my son’s 3rd birthday, I decided to make my own healthier ocean water recipe.